LB4&After Foundation works with multiple area public schools and homeless camps to identify our at risk communities, particularly during the difficult Holiday times and summers.

Many of our children/ students rely on free or reduced school meals.  When school is out, many of these children don't know where their next meal may come from.

LB4 partners with other organizations, agencies, and programs to help find partners to donate and distribute food, clothing, personal care products and other life-saving critical goods to help our children during this difficult time.

We focus on working directly with:

- Schools

- Kids Cafe

- Homeless camps 

By assisting these at risk groups, LB4 hopes to ease that trauma and help those in-need focus on other areas of their life that will help  enhance their life!

Kids Cafe & other Kids Focused Programs


LB4 works with over 12 Comunity areas:

Frazier Homes, 38th Street Park, Allen Apartments, Madison Apartments, West Lake Apartments, Clearview, Bayview, East Savannah, Fellwood Homes, Augusta Avenue, & others.

+ 3 area Homeless Camps

(Including): President Street Camp, Hitch Village camp & others as needs are identified.

Supporting Schools & Students


Savannah has a high rate of poverty amongst our schools.  Many schools have identified children that will not eat over various holidays.  LB4 works with school counselors and other work groups to provide necessities.