"A Celebration Of Life"


LB4 & After Foundation's BACK TO SCHOOL CELEBRATION OF LIFE EVENT Program is a success at every level.

Speakers discuss the pressing need for leadership and involvement to improve crime, education, and poverty in our area.

Messaging emphasizes the path our future children must take to become powerful, positive citizens.  

Each event is  widely spread through much needed media, including 3 television stations and the front page of the Savannah Morning News 

LB4 & After Foundation donated @ the Forsyth Park Aug 2, 2016 event:(Serving children- 40% of which live in poverty)

  • Thousands of dollars worth of school uniforms to children
  • 875 school supply bags (tools to start school successfully).
  • 765 bags of family sized personal care items
  • 350 belts for our “Belts for Boys” program (to teach boys it’s cool to be neat & upbeat)
  • 14 bicycles to children of excellence
  • Fed over 900 people that amazing day
  • Barbers and beauticians lovingly assisting young children and area homeless. (Instilling pride, an important cornerstone of LB4s)

To be effective we look for the support of all Savannahians, all community members!

We were blessed to have in attendance many powerful speakers & community partners:

  • Sherriff John Wilcher, County Commissioner Tony Center, 
  • Alderman Van Johnson, Detric Legget, Joe Steffen
  • The main speaker Dr. Joyce Wilson, a Harvard Graduate.  

All messages were to STOP VIOLENCE! A message our community desperately needs after so many tragedies, a lesson that we learned personally when our son was stolen from us.

Fun for All with Marsy's Law - Victim's Rights Legislation


Always finding fun activities for families from frisbees to bouncy houses to snow cones.  Frisbees for Marsy helped spread the word to voters about GA's amendment to add Victim's Rights legislation.  Advocating that Victims should have at least as many rights as the accused.

Station Tents of School Supplies, Uniforms, Food & More


Through the help of many like-minded citizens and community partners, Celebration of Life continues to provide uniforms, belts, personal care products, food, fun and festivities for the community.