LB4 & After Foundation promotes youth excellence through various enrichment Programs.  

These programs are intended to enhance children's personal values through excitement, positive  messaging and exposure to something fresh & new. 

City Wide Boy Birthday Party and the All Girls Tea Party


  • All children receive free access and are encouraged to come dressed for success!  
  • Many in our community partner to donate suits, ties, cakes and other goods.  Children are given the opportunity to enjoy an enriched environment while listening to motivational speakers.
  • These "Parties" provide an opportunity for children to practice ettiquette and participate in a unique environment... A fun exciting memory to remember forever!

Golf Summer Programming and Anti-Bullying classes


  • Partnering with local area business and agencies, LB4 works to create innovative youth programs, such as the summer golf program partnered with Savannah Country Golf Club.  Instructors and the Golf Club pour their heart and soul into giving back.
  • In addition, LB4 supports all anti-bullying efforts by offering our own community classes as well as promoting efforts of  other agencies such as The Rape Crisis Center's prevention classes that instruct on anti-bullying, cyber-bullying, internet safety, and healthy relationship programs to schools, churches and other organizations!