"Belts for Boys" & "Bicycles for Achievement"


LB4 & After Foundation promotes youth excellence through our Programs such as Belts for Boys Program and Bicycles for Achievements Program.  

Each year we emphasize to children leadership and strength of personal values to improve life...

Essays for bikes include categories on the importance of staying in school and how that can provide opportunities out of poverty and into a life of possibility.

LB4 tries to show our children the path they must take to become powerful, positive citizens.  

2018 donated numbers:

  • 350 belts for our “Belts for Boys” program (to teach boys it’s cool to be neat & upbeat)
  • 14 bicycles to children of excellence

LB4 shows children how to take a sense of pride in themselves (an important topic we work to install in these children through not only this event but also our anti-bullying, etiquette classes, and educational and homeless assistance outreach efforts.)

All messages are a battle cry to STOP VIOLENCE! A message our community desperately needs after so many tragedies, a lesson that we learned personally when our son was stolen from us.

Belts for Boys



Each year 300 - 400 Belts are donated to our children to instill in them self-empowerment and pride, which starts with how each child presents themself.

Words of Inspiration


Bikes are donated when:

-  a letter of recommendation is provided showing exceptional achievement by one of our children.

- an essay is received from a student demonstrating their inspiration and strength to stay in school and focus on creating a better life.